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Lynn L.
She let me ask a million questions, helped me learn new ways of listening to my body

The Yelp page labels Rolfing as “pricey,” but I think it was a bargain.  In the standard 10 sessions, Jeanne and I achieved something years of massage and chiropractic hadn’t managed to do:  Fewer headaches without ongoing treatments!!!  As Jeanne stressed in our sessions together, everything is related and the side effects of feeling better are continuing to have their positive effects on me.

Overall, Rolfing was a great experience for me. Jeanne is a practitioner who has extremely high expectations for herself.  She is not only perceptive, but intuitive as well and was able to zero in on a few things that were causing daily aches and pains.  She let me ask a million questions, helped me learn new ways of listening to my body and helped me brush up on my anatomy in the process.  Jeanne brought my awareness to lots of little places where I hold tension including the right side of my jaw and the muscles associated with the eyes, both of which were partially to blame (along with my posture) for the daily headaches I was getting.  Now when I feel a headache coming on, I can practically make it disappear with the techniques Jeanne showed me.

I feel awesome!  Thanks Jeanne!

Lee S
The most impressive thing was how it “opened up” parts of my body, particularly my shoulders. One of my doctor friends had suggested Rolfing might help my chronically bad posture.  I went to Jeanne, whom I did not know at all, and was very relieved to find her easy to talk to and very professional.  She suggested a set of ten sessions, which is standard in Rolfing, I now know, and it was much better in terms of pain than I thought it would be.  All of the movements were very slow and gradual, and each session focused on a different part of the body.  the most impressive thing was how it "opened up" parts of my body, particularly my shoulders.  My range of motion greatly increased: I was pleasantly surprised!  It's now been a month since I finished, and my body feels pretty much pain-free, as compared to the aches and pains I experienced beforehand.  I am definitely glad I tried it, and also glad that I went to this particular Rolfer.
Jennifer- international educator, workshop facilitator, traveler
Thanks for the one-year tune up! The ten-series changed my life about a year ago. It brought more ease, awareness and movement into my body, and helped me restore a deeper connection with my body. Jeanne gave me a "tune up" recently. She worked with me on supportive sitting and also focused on my left knee, which was aching and stiff the past couple of months. The morning after her session, there was not a trace of stiffness in the knee! Thanks, Jeanne for your expertise and knowledge.

Charlotte H.
Jeanne Vadnais' work makes me whole again I have been a Hellerwork practitioner for 18 years, so my body knows good Structural Integration (S.I. is the generic name for this stuff) when it gets it.  Jeanne Vadnais' work makes me whole again -- shoulders down, neck free, feet planted on the ground.  Yes, the sessions are expensive compared to massage  but this IS NOT MASSAGE!  I feel good for days and days after, and I move in Yoga like a woman 10 years younger.  It's worth it!  Do the 10 session series with won't regret the investment.
Gretchen K.
I was able to increase flexibility throughout my body, decrease pain, and wear flat shoes without special orthopedics. I had never tried Rolfing before, and tried it because I am friends with the proprietor of West Seattle Rolfing. I am so glad that I tried it!

I had surgery on one of my feet and found the whole experience to be really painful and the recovery process difficult. So when I started down the same road with the other foot I was desperate to make surgery the final option. With the help of West Seattle Rolfing I was able to increase flexibility throughout my body, decrease pain, and wear flat shoes without special orthopedics. I think that is an amazing win!

Now for some of you who might be like me and wonder what Rolfing is, well it is complicated to describe. However, for me it feels like massage mixed with physical therapy. I particularly like how as a client I got to work with the practitioner throughout each session to help heal my body. I felt like I had control and a voice in my care, and the practitioner really strived to listen and hear my needs. I'd highly recommend this service.
Jay v - skier, cyclist, surfer, swimmer, hiker….all round activity junky
Jeanne’s work gave me the tools and confidence so I can continue to work on better body alignment.

I’ve been getting massages for the past 15 years and have tried various styles (deep tissue, shiatsu, swedish, etc.). I thought that Rolfing would be yet another variation of massage. What I discovered is that Rolfing is a much more complex type of body work that is very rewarding. I signed up to do the 10 part series with Jeanne. I felt very comfortable working with Jeanne. She took the time to clearly explain what we would cover in each session and the science behind her work. Over the course of several months Jeanne’s work helped me become more aware of my body alignment and how it impacts how I move. Her deep and detailed work released tension and bound up places in my body. Through simple movements and exercises Jeanne lead me to discover new spaces for my body to enter and ways for my body to move that put me in a more balanced and stable position.

As an athlete and a sufferer of back problems that have, in previous years made it impossible for me to be active, I highly value what Jeanne has done for me through Rolfing. Her work didn’t just provide temporary benefits –  it also gave me the tools and confidence so  I can continue to work on better body alignment.

Tracy Poole - runner, hiker, business owner and mom
I learned so much about my body from each session.

Jeanne is very engaged in her work, incredibly present and is respectful and kind. Working with Jeanne feels very much like a partnership and I learned so much about my body from each session. I really connected with her and as a client you are very much a participant in the Rolfing process. It was amazing to have her work on part of my body and I could feel the movement in a totally different area. After each session I felt taller, more fluid and very balanced.   As a runner, it had a very noticeable effect on my breathing and stride. Numbness in my left arm disappeared. What a gift to myself to go on this journey and to have Jeanne as my guide. Highly recommend!!!!

Bettina S - IT professional, winter sports instructor, enjoys biking and Pilates- all with a bionic ankle and a bionic hip!
The effects of her work are long lasting.

Working with Jeanne was a great experience. She encourages her clients to share their own personal health and body story and listens carefully. After each session, I would feel the difference in my body alignment. And the effects of her work are long lasting: I wore a pair of shoes the other day from the previous season which I hadn’t worn in half a year, with the heels worn out from my misaligned stance. Putting them on months after Jeanne’s work felt like putting myself in my old, less comfortable body.